Chemung County needs experienced decision makers on the legislature

I have built houses, torn down houses, built stores, turned empty buildings into stores, sold existing stores, bought lake property, sold lake property, bought land in Florida, bought and sold a townhouse in Florida, bought and sold two houses in North Carolina, bought three commercial buildings in North Carolina and sold all three. I also operated three NASCAR race teams out of the Charlotte NC area for 30 years. I had up to 100 people working for me at one time. I have developed sponsorship contracts with The Pillsbury Company, The Stanley Works, The Rekkett and Coleman Company, Slim Jim, AFG Glass Co. GNC, Dollar General, Gould Pump ( A division of ITT ), Royal Oak Charcoal, and many more. I designed and built a laundromat out of an empty car wash building. I also had a large commercial building burn down and I designed a new structure and had it built in its place. I have been in business for 50 years and I currently own and run 5 businesses and I own several rental properties.

I am a decisions maker with plenty of knowledge and experience. I get the job done and I just want to help the community