About Me

Some of the issues facing our community that I would like to address are:

CRIME: We have another wave of Community Development Funds coming and we need to increase funding for all our police agencies and add more police personnel. I want to see a greater presence of the NY State Police in the area, and I would like to see a new NY State Police Satellite office setup in the City of Elmira. We need to unite our police agencies, Judges, State Assembly Man and State Senator to fight to end the no bail policy.

I want to add a resource officer in each of our Elmira Heights schools during the school year for the protection of our students, and our staff. These officers could come from the Elmira Heights Police Department as both schools are in the Village of Elmira Heights. This proposal could be of no additional cost to the district, or the Village as the Chemung County Sheriff’s Department and the NY State police could cover the Village while the Heights officers are in the schools.

Speaking of schools, I am against mask mandates for kids. Parents should decide if their kids should wear a mask or not.

Drugs: We need to increase our undercover police personnel to stop the flow of illegal and dangerous drugs that are coming into our area. We need to hunt these drug dealers down, prosecute them, and send them to jail. We need to increase our availability of drug abuse treatment programs for those with drug abuse problems.

Road Maintenance: The towns of Elmira and Horseheads should be repairing and maintaining the roads in the Village of Elmira Heights. What are we paying town taxes for? What are we getting for our money?

Shutdowns: I am against any future shutdowns especially shutdowns of business. In the event that this may occur in the future I will fight and do everything I can to prevent and stop it.

14th Street Elmira Heights: I will look into the possibility of opening 14th Street to two-way traffic crossing the railroad tracks.

The Legislature: We need term limits for all elected to the legislature. Representatives should be limited to two terms. We need new energy and new ideas. All legislature and budge meetings should be open to the public and everyone should have a right to speak during the audience section of the agenda.

Marketing Chemung County: The marketing of the County for new business needs to be completely redone. Marketing is about selling, and Chemung County has a lot to sell if it’s put together the right way. That’s what I do!